Owner Builder

How to obtain owner builder

To organise insurance for owner builder, please start a quote.

Your request will be sent to multiple insurance advisors who will obtain a competitive quote. You will then receive insurance quotes from a panel of insurance advisors.

If you have any questions about owner builder cover, you will be able to ask each insurance advisor about their cover option.

Why use CoverMy for your owner builder

You don't just get one quote, you get many! This can help save you money and time. CoverMy makes the process fast, and easy.

Providers on the CoverMy platform are there to provide you with insurance quotes. Because brokers deal with a range of insurance companies, they usually have access to policies that are not available through any one else.

The general insurance industry in Australia is very large and complex, so choosing the right policy can become difficult. CoverMy brings the power to you, and bridges the gap in the insurance market by providing you access to an insurance marketplace for today's world.

If you have questions about owner builder, providers on the CoverMy platform are there to provide you advice, and guide you through the process.

Now to summarize

Requesting owner builder through CoverMy gets you:

  1. One request, multiple quotes returned
  2. Providers will answer your questions and give you advice surrounding your insurance needs
  3. The option to re-shop your policy on renewal
  4. Lodge claims, and manage your policy through your CoverMy portal. 24/7.
  5. It's fast, and easy!

Start a quote

It's easy to get a quote for Owner Builder.