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Stop wasting time and energy when purchasing insurance. CoverMy is a modern day, all-in-one solution, to the insurance world which is becoming too hard to navigate.

Ever had a policy lapse? Too busy and just forgot? CoverMy helps you manage your insurance with friendly alerts, and can help re-shop your policy on renewal.

Leave the boring stuff to CoverMy so you can enjoy doing what you do.

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With thousands of insurance policies in the marketplace, how do you know which is best for you? CoverMy simplifies this process.

When you start your insurance quote, your request is sent to insurance professionals that specialise in the cover you need.

CoverMy is power to you
“We have all felt the pain when shopping around for insurance. Where do you start? Which company do you trust? Fear not, CoverMy does away with all that.”


Joshua Scutts