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Are you a driven insurance broker eager to assist clients with their insurance? Do you consider yourself a master in the category of insurance you write? CoverMy is for you.

Customers are demanding more, and are demanding easier transactions. CoverMy is the connection between insurance customers and insurance brokers.

There's nothing wrong with customers wanting to compare insurance, they do it every day. The problem is the lack of advice when recieving their quotes which can lead to customers purchasing the cover which is not appropriate.

CoverMy aims to fix this problem.

We are the central nervous system of insurance, giving power to you.

CoverMy can provide you with cost free opportunities. Only if the client selects your quote, and the policy bound and paid, would a cost become involved.


CoverMy is not picky when it comes to onboarding insurance brokers. We simply provide you with the leads and the platform of which your customer wishes to connect.

To be successful with CoverMy leads, please take this into consideration:

  • Customers like their quotes in a timely fashion when and where possible.
  • Being a specialist in the category of insurance you offer.
  • Independant Brokers and Authorised Representatives are free to join.
  • Able to transact with customers over email or via web platforms

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